By mutual agreement, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the forty-seven (47) local police departments within the county have agreed to provide each other with mutual aid in the event of a major unplanned event which would impact law enforcement resources.  In order to best utilize mutual aid resources, the county has been divided into eight geographic areas, “A” through “H.”  These areas are currently based on Disaster Management Area configurations which were redefined in the mid 1990s. 

Also, within each area are LASD “contact” stations.  These contact stations are typically the closest geographically located station to a particular local police department.   

Law Enforcement Agencies

Area “D” Police Departments                         Contact Station

Arcadia PD                                                                 Temple

Azusa PD                                                                    Walnut

Baldwin Park PD                                                        Industry

Cal Poly Pomona PD                                                  Walnut

Claremount PD                                                           Walnut

Covina PD                                                                  Walnut

El Monte PD                                                               Temple

Glendora PD                                                               Walnut

Irwindale PD                                                               Temple

La Verne PD                                                               Walnut

Monrovia PD                                                              Temple

Pomona PD                                                                 Walnut

Sierra Madre PD                                                         Temple

West Covina PD                                                         Industry


Each mutual aid Area selects a local police department agency to be the “lead” police department.  Glendora PD is the lead agency in Area “D”.  An agency acting as the lead agency for their Area Platoon will have one (1) designated person from their department to oversee the mutual aid activities, Lt. James De Mond is the designated Law Enforcement Coordinator (LEC) with assistance from Area D, Disaster Management Area Coordinator as the Civilian Suport (CS).


Area D Platoon Activation

When a mutual aid request is made from a local police department for their Area, the request goes through the Area D DMAC Diana Manzano-Garcia by calling 24/7 mobile number 626-201-0919.  Example: Claremont PD has a major disturbance at a night club that escalates into a riot in their downtown area.  Their request for Area D Platoon Activaton to handle the situation would consist of a notification to the Area D DMAC.  Area D CS will, in turn, contact the lead agency LEC, and begin calling other agencies withing Area D. 

Mutual aid is a request from an Area for 50% of a police department’s uniformed field force for a major event/incident such as civil unrest, large fire, earthquake, or other type incidents that have overwhelmed the local law enforcement’s ability to respond effectively to the incident. 

Assistance is an immediate request for help by a mutual aid law enforcement agency such as Monterey Park PD requesting three units to help with a barricaded suspect situation. 


The following procedures are to be implemented when a mutual aid law enforcement agency from Area “D” requests mutual aid, not assistance.

Mutual Aid Request Procedures

Procedures for Local Police Departments

The appropriate and preferred method of requesting mutual aid (Area D Platoon Activation) is the requesting agency’s Watch Commander contacting Area D.  

Area D DMAC Civilian Support 626-201-0919

Glendora PD Law Enforcement Coordinator James De Mond 909-518-3670

  1. Call the Area D  Disaster Management Area Coordinator  (or Platoon Coordinator if available) with:

            Name:                         ___________________________________________

            Rank:                         ___________________________________________

            Police department:    ___________________________________________

            Call back number:    ___________________________________________

  1. Confirm that the request is for mutual aid Area D Platoon Activation.
  1. State the reason/type of incident for the request: i.e. fire, civil unrest, etc.
  1. State if the request is for 50% of the uniform personnel from the agencies in Area “D” or more: i.e. region, whole department etc. Also state if LASD presence will be requested. 
  1. State the exact location of the staging area, command post (including Thomas guide page and grid if applicable) and the name and rank of the Incident Commander (if available).

            Staging area:                ___________________________________________

            Command Post:           ___________________________________________

            Incident Commander:  ___________________________________________

  1. Confirm the radio frequency that will be used for the operation or if there is a mutual aid frequency request.


Tactical Alerts

If your ageny is preparing for an upcoming event, you can submit a Tactical Alert to Area D. Tatical Alerts are shared with all 13 police agenices in Area D, as soon as they are recived. It provides advanced planning informiton in the event that Area D Platoon needs to be activated to assist/respond. Tactical Alerts can be emailed to Area D at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Tactical Alerts that are submitted on the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) for a lat minute event, please email the Tact Alert followed by a phone call to Area D DMAC at 626-201-0919.